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10% of company net profits are donated to local charities.

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Honest and Professional

What sets us apart from other Real Estate Agencies is that we are a selective group of real estate agents. We do not and will not hire every agent that wants to join our team. Our agents have to agree to abide by a strict code of business conduct, therefore, the way we handle a real estate transaction is different. Ethics and morality are key to providing the best service so our Real Estate Agents have a proven track record of putting a client’s best interests first. Rest assured that your real estate transaction is handled professionally and to the best of our abilities.

Clients First

We are the client focused Realtors in which our business depends on your satisfaction. Christopher Real Estate Services has “service” in its name because our service to you is our main priority. Our business thrives when we do the absolute best job we can do. Your best interest is our best interest. We know you will be satisfied with one of our Realtors and the job they have done for you.

Top Notch Vendors

Our preferred vendors such as mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title companies and others that we choose to recommend have excellent track records. These are people that we would use for our own homes. We have no third party affiliations, monetary agreements or compensation agreements with any vendor. They are expected to provide excellent service to keep our clients happy or we will find someone else. There is no conflict of interest with any vendor and our goal in recommending them is to provide a successful and low stress transaction. Of course you are welcome to use any vendor of your choosing.


Montgomery County PA Real Estate

Montgomery County is considered to be one of the most diverse, historic, beautiful and economically-thriving counties in the Commonwealth.  It is the 3rd largest county in Pennsylvania and the 2nd wealthiest.  Montco spans 487 square miles and comprises of various cultural historic sites, 7 county parks, 6 recreational hiking trails, 22 public school districts and numerous major employment centers and...

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What Is A Listing Agent?

Selling a home is no small undertaking. It requires a knowledgeable individual that can create and implement a marketing plan. A real estate agent that sells houses is a listing agent. A home needs full market exposure so our listing agents ensure your home is exposed to the open market and the endless home search websites.  Our listing agents focus...

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